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How It Works


Starting Simply

Heritage works with churches and leaders to find care facilities in need and provide the training necessary to start a simple worship service.

Weekly Worship is 30 minutes long and meets once a week (does not have to be Sunday), and includes:

•A brief liturgy (confession, formal and informal prayer)

•Bible readings and a short 5 minute message

•2-4 hymns (with piano, guitar, or singing along to a CD)


These services will have a profound and immediate impact on residents: they provide opportunities to share the Gospel to those who have left the church, and a church to those who never wanted to leave the church.

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Staying Connected

Heritage Mission helps to build congregations that will develop strong roots wherever they are planted.

Ideally, worship services would be viewed as a “second service” of an existing church, with leaders receiving ongoing support from this home church. Heritage will work flexibly with a variety of different institutional structures to enable ministry that is a blessing to all involved.

Heritage provides free training and coaching for volunteers, allowing churches to launch these services without significant strain on time and resources.


Getting More Involved

After establishing a weekly worship service, there are many options for forming connections with your parishioners at the care facility.


These touchpoints are valuable ways to deepen relationships and provide support.

These may include, but are not limited to:

•Weekly Bible studies

•Outreach to family members of residents

•Outreach to nursing home staff

•Special events, e.g. Christmas Carol sing

•Visitations to ill residents/ministration of the sick

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