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An Epidemic of Loneliness

Seven out of 10 Americans will spend a portion of their lives in a nursing home or care facility.

However, most of these residents receive few to no visitors from outside of their home—it is estimated that 60% of nursing home residents never receive a single visitor.

Many of these homes are critically under resourced and understaffed--75% of nursing homes do not comply with registered nurse staffing levels.

A Gospel Need

While larger and denominationally affiliated facilities may employ chaplains to oversee spiritual care, an overwhelming number of homes lack financial resources to provide any Christian activities.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of small to mid-size care facilities that lack opportunities for residents to worship, pray, and hear the Gospel.

A Mission Field

There are millions of residents in North America longing to hear the Gospel and to be part of God's Church. All it takes to reach these people are volunteers willing to give a few hours of their time to helping to create space in these homes for worship and fellowship.

Hertige Mission exists to bring the church to these residents.

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